Stephen R. Braund & Associates (SRB&A), established in January 1978, is an Alaska-owned applied anthropological firm based in Anchorage. SRB&A has completed over 165 studies in Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, Canada, and Japan, conducting extensive field research in rural Alaska, including small Native communities. SRB&A has a longstanding Alaska social science research history conducting rural subsistence studies, including documentation of harvest amounts and subsistence use areas, traditional knowledge studies, quantitative survey research, cultural resources surveys and assessments, Alaska Eskimo bowhead whale quotas, and evaluation of socioeconomic, subsistence, and cultural resources impacts associated with petroleum exploration, mining, and other types of development. SRB&A has produced a significant number of reports and publications associated with this research. SRB&A’s staff and the firm’s experience in meeting the needs of multiple projects concurrently enables SRB&A to respond to clients’ requests quickly and provide high-quality products within the required time frame. SRB&A’s small business structure and open office environment allows for quick reporting and resolution of issues that may arise during the project. SRB&A has a policy of keeping clients informed about project progress and working with clients to quickly resolve any technical matters.